Notes to Contributors

With the thematic orientation of the journal, articles that address the theme of the particular volume of the journal are welcome. The focus of each new volume shall be made known through the journal’s website: 


The Editorial Process

The editorial process takes the following form:

  • Initial submission: An article is to be submitted only after it has been reworked in line with the comments and reactions at the Igbo Language Symposium. With this initial submission, the article shall be that subjected to two anonymous reviews.
  • Subsequent Submission: Only articles that have been reworked in line with the comments of the anonymous reviewers can be submitted at this stage.
  • Final Submission. Between the editor and the author on the final version of the article.

Consequently, at every stage of the submission process and interaction with the editor, articles must be appropriately marked as Initial Submission, Subsequent Submission or Final Submission as the case may be.


 Article Submission:

-Articles can be submitted to the editor through the following email addresses:  and

-APA Stylesheet is preferred.

-Articles should not be more than 25 pages.