Igbo Language Studies is a Journal of Igbo Language and Linguistics, but with a thematic orientation. Each volume is focused on one major area or topic in Igbo language and linguistics. For example, the maiden edition is on the Classification of Igbo Verbs, and only articles that deal with Igbo verb classes or their classifications were accepted for publication.

At a comparative level, articles that take up the particular theme of a volume of the journal with the aim of comparing its realisation in Igbo with its realisation in another language, whether closely related to Igbo or not, are also welcome.

The aim of the journal is therefore to lay down those little stones for building the interlocking bricks on the path of the development of the Igbo language.

Editorial Board

Associate Prof. Chinedu Uchechukwu (UNIZIK), Editor-in-Chief

Prof. B. M. Mbah (University of Nigeria, Nsukka)

Prof. Chibuko M. Onukawa (Abia State University, Uturu)


Consulting Editors

Professor Ohiri-Aniche (National Institute for Nigerian Languages, Aba)

Prof. Victor Manfredi  (Boston University, USA)

Prof. Andrew Haruna   (University of Jos, Nigeria)

Dr. Harrison Adeniji    (Lagos State University, Nigeria)